Foo Fighters Are Enjoying Their "Elder Statesmen Of Rock Status"

1 September 2017, 17:20 | Updated: 4 September 2017, 17:54

Foo Fighters 2017

Drummer Taylor Hawkins says he's happy to teach the kids of today.

Taylor Hawkins says the Foo Fighters are enjoying being "elder statesmen" when it comes to rock.

The Learn To Fly drummer has talked about the changing music scene, and says he's fine not being the new kids on the block.

In an interview with Star2, he explained: “We had our time to be new. Now we’re sort of enjoying our ‘elder statesmen of rock’ status and are happy to teach the kids what it’s like to play the guitar and drums.”

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In the interview, Hawkins also revealed what he finds the most "depressing" about electronic music.

"To me, the things I don't love about EDM and pop music is the lack of human feel.

"I get sad to think that the human feel of music is going to be gone from the mainstream and it's all just going to be sort of this clicking and popping of computers with auto-tuned vocals. To me, that sounds so depressing."

However, the Run sticksman is confident that alternative music will have its day again, adding: "These things are always cyclical. I think it will come back.

"I'd like to think there's a Kurt Cobain, a Jimi Hendrix or someone in his parents’ basement getting ready to explode it all again. I'd like to think it's someone with a guitar and bass and drums."

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