Has Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl let slip he's working on a memoir?

6 February 2021, 10:00 | Updated: 6 April 2021, 15:26

By Jenny Mensah

The Foo Fighters frontman revealed to Radio X's Chris Moyles that he's "started saving" stories, which could be turned into a book.

Dave Grohl has teased he could be finally working towards an autobiography.

The Foo Fighters frontman has been quizzed about releasing a memoir throughout the years, but now fans could be closer than ever to reading a book from the rocker.

Speaking on The Chris Moyles Show about how he's been coping during the coronavirus pandemic, Grohl revealed: "It’s been strange not being on tour, but it’s been a welcome change in a lot of ways because we, you know, we had to, like, stop and think and adapt and just change what we do and then also, you know, I got to make a lot of lasagne and I got to write a lot.

"I’ve been writing, not music but words, and that’s something that I never had time to do, so it’s great."

When the Radio X DJ asked if he meant he's been writing a book, the Medicine At Midnight rocker replied: "Well, I suppose it could be a book someday."

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Dave Grohl at the 2021 iHeartRadio ALTer EGO Presented By Capital One - Show
Dave Grohl revealed he's writing stories at home and has started "saving" them. Picture: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

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"I’m creatively hyperactive," he explained. "I just started writing these stories and I found it just as rewarding as writing songs and performing, in a way."

The former Nirvana drummer continued: "I just had this list of, like, 50 ridiculous things that have happened to me over the last 52 years and just started writing. So, I’ve got, like, a lot".

Asked if it was kicked off by his Dave's True Stories Instagram and why he only ended up sharing six tales online, the rocker replied: "Well, here’s the thing. [...] I got really into it and then I started thinking maybe I should save these... and so I started saving them."

Foos' 10th studio album Medicine At Midnight dropped on Friday (5 February) and Grohl explained why it was important the band didn't replicate a sound they'd already shared before.

Grohl explained: "We had this idea going into this record, knowing that it was the 25th anniversary, it was like tenth record. You know, we’d done all of the loud, noisy punk rock, heavy sort of stuff and we’d done all this acoustic stuff, but the one thing that we had never done was make a grove oriented, like, boogie record. [...] Like, a record that’d make you shake your ass."

The Waiting On A War singer added: "So, we thought, alright, well let’s explore that and, you know, when we were recording, we would record some songs that sounded too much like the Foo Fighters and we would just throw ‘em away, because at this point the only way to stay a band is to make it exciting for the band to play."

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Radio X Foo Fighters Home Show
Radio X Foo Fighters Home Show. Picture: Radio X

Foo Fighters' Medicine at Midnight album is out now.

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6. No Son of Mine
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