Foals On 'Total Life Forever'

21 May 2010, 17:17 | Updated: 28 August 2013, 17:26

Yannis and Edwin talk John Kennedy and X-posure through their brilliant second album.

When we were sent advance copies of Total Life Forever, we were utterly blown away. The taught, wiry funk of Antidotes had, for the most part, been swapped for complex musical layers and melodies that seemed to stretch for miles. The more we listened, the more we heard, and the more we liked it.

When we got the chance to speak with the band, we seized it with both hands. They, too, were eager to talk and what we recorded was an insightful Track-by-Track that’s utterly befitting of this wonderful record.

You can listen to John Kennedy talk to singer/guitarist Yannis Philippakis and keyboardist Edwin Congreave again, right now.

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