This Is How Guy Garvey Nearly Burned Down A Stately Home...

2 February 2017, 08:00 | Updated: 23 February 2017, 19:13

Guy Garvey

Listen to the Elbow's Little Fictions album playback with John Kennedy on Radio X from 10pm.

Guy Garvey has told Radio X's John Kennedy how he almost burned down a stately home.

Describing the event, where he was snowed in with his bandmates drinking, the Elbow frontman revealed: "The lads had gone to bed, and if (Elbow's guitarist) Mark Potter's is in charge of making the cocktails. They're a little more loaded than the rest of the band making them.

"And everybody went to bed, and I found myself with an entire wine glass of whiskey in my hand. And I thought: 'Why drink that? It's just gonna make tomorrow harder. There's no more fun to be had. Your friends have gone to bed.'"

He continued: "So without thinking I chucked it on the fire and the fireball that flew out... It almost set fire to the painting on the mantlepiece. 

"It's put me off whiskey for life, John."

Listen to the Elbow Little Fictions album playback with John Kennedy on Radio X from 10pm. 

That's not the only caper the Elbow man has been involved in, however, as he also revealed the band all decided to go naked cycling after finishing their first album, which left him lying nude in a ditch. 

Meanwhile, Elbow are set to release their Little Fictions album on 3 February, which includes their lead track Magnificent (She Says).

Last week, the band also revealed their video for Gentle Storm, which features Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch:

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