DMA'S are already working on their fourth album

30 August 2020, 11:30

Johnny Took reveals DMA'S are working on their fourth album already!

Johnny Took tells Radio X that the Aussie trio are in the studio working on the follow-up to The Glow.

DMA'S are already working on their fourth studio album... just weeks after their third, The Glow, was released.

Speaking to Toby Tarrant on Radio X, guitarist Johnny Took revealed: "I had a very productive day in the studio and I'm just about to go out for dinner with everyone, actually."

DMA’S third studio album The Glow was released last month and charted at Number 4 in the UK and Number 2 in their native Australia.

Took acknowledged that the enforced lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic had made the group even more productive than usual.

"We've been collecting our songs together and using this time to write," he said. "Basically we're already working on album four. It's super-exciting."

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DMA'S have just performed an impressive 18 dates at Sydney’s Factory Theatre. Tagged "Unplugged & Intimate", the dates had a limited audience, who were all socially distanced.

Speaking about the gigs, Johnny said: "They were good - they were unique. I think we're going to see a lot of stuff out of COVID like this, where you're kind of forced to put on a show that you wouldn't normally do.

"We put those songs into the acoustic light, which people hadn't really seen, besides our MTV Unplugged gig.

"People seemed to enjoy it. You can tell, in the room, that people are psyched to be seeing live music again."

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Took added that these unusual post-lockdown gigs will probably be looked back on as something special:

"In 20 years time, people will be like, Oh that gig there was the first gig after the pandemic, it's a part of history. It'll be amazing."

DMA'S also announced that their UK dates scheduled for October this year will now take place in April 2021, together with a new show added at Liverpools M&S Bank Arena.

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