These Labyrinth Christmas Jumpers Are AWESOME

15 October 2017, 10:00

Labyrinth Christmas Jumper

We KNOW it's only October, but these Jim Henson-approved sweaters are getting us in the festive mood… ALREADY

Is it too early to mention the “C” word?


Calm down! You’ll love this.

Novelty website have unveiled some of their festive knitwear for 2017 and there are some BEAUTIES in there.

Labyrinth Christmas Jumper

Take a look at these incredible Labyrinth-themed jumpers!

Labyrinth Christmas Jumper

They feature designs of David Bowie’s Goblin King, in editions approved by the estate of the late Jim Henson, who directed the 1986 fantasy classic.

Labyrinth Christmas Jumpers

Pretty neat eh? So neat, in fact, that they’re currently out of stock due to high demand.

But if that doesn’t take your fancy, how about this? It’s ALF! He’s back - in jumper form!

Alf Christmas Jumper