Did Duncan Jones Slag Off Lady Gaga's Bowie Tribute?

16 February 2016, 17:40 | Updated: 16 February 2016, 17:42

Duncan Jones and Lady Gaga splitscreen

David Bowie's son posted a cryptic tweet on Twitter following the singer's musical tribute at last night's GRAMMY Awards.

Duncan Jones has posted a tweet about Lady Gaga, following her tribute to David Bowie at last night's GRAMMY Awards.

Gaga paid tribute to the late rock star with a medley at the awards ceremony, which divided the opinion of fans.

Equally divisive was a tweet sent by Jones which seemed to contain a dictionary definition of the word 'gaga'. 

While some thought it was an innocent nod to the singer's tribute, others saw it as a direct attack on the "overexcited" nature of her performance. 

Watch it and decide for yourself below: 

Actually, maybe he has a point...

Meanwhile, the director announced he was going to be a father last week, by sharing the card he'd made for his late father to share his news.