WATCH: First David Bowie Statue Unveiled In Aylesbury

26 March 2018, 12:21 | Updated: 26 March 2018, 12:31

See the footage of the Andrew Sinclair-created artwork, which was unveiled on Sunday.

The first ever David Bowie statue was unveiled in Aylesbury's Market Square on Sunday (25 March).

Watch a clip of the footage above, courtesy of the Bowie Statue Twitter account. 

After two years of planning, the Earthly Messenger statue was finally revealed- with fans gathering in Ayelsbury  where the icon first unveiled his Hunky Dory album and later played one of his early shows as Ziggy Stardust at the town's Friars venue.

Fans and celebrities turned out to mark the occasion, with 80s musician and songwriter Howard Jones unveiling the statue and the town of Aylesbury being re-named Aylesbowie for the day thanks to a petition.

Meanwhile, Ricky Gervais recently reflected on his relationship with the Heroes icon, telling Radio X's Gordon Smart that David Bowie didn't really exist.

Watch our video below:

When asked by Radio X's Gordon Smart if he was ever starstruck after becoming friends with the late icon, he replied: "It's funny because with Bowie, I sort of had to remind myself.

"Once you got to know him and you're having a laugh and he's a normal bloke, and he is a normal bloke..."

The actor, writer, producer, director and comedian added: "In fact, the first time I went to his apartment in New York the doorman said, 'Ah you're here to see Mr. Jones'.

"I went, 'Yeah, course I am'. David Bowie doesn't really exist. I saw Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones was my mate, and Mr. Bowie was my hero and you don't equate the two.

"You don't keep thinking, 'That's David Bowie!' I think some people think of me talking to David Bowie and he's still got the Ziggy stripe on, and he's talking about aliens and stuff. 

"And he's not. He's talking about bananas and pasta, you know what I mean?"