PHOTO: Duncan Jones Posts Tribute To Dad David Bowie

9 January 2018, 10:00 | Updated: 9 January 2018, 18:15

Duncan Jones and son David Bowie

The director honoured his late father on what would have been his 71st Birthday.

David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones as posted a touching tribute to the late star on his birthday.

The iconic musician passed away just two days after he turned 69 on January 10 2016 following a private battle with cancer.

To celebrate what would have been his 71st birthday on Monday (8 January 2018), the director commented on the “strange feeling” his father’s birthday gives him.

In a tribute posted to Twitter, the Moon filmaker - whose mother is David’s first wife Mary Angie Bowie - posted a picture of a birthday card he had given to his late father a month after learning he was going to become a father himself. 

He captioned the image: “8th of Jan again. A strange feeling for me. 

“I know how excited dad was to have a grandson on the way, & I made this card for his birthday having told him a month earlier he was going to be a grandad. Makes me smile at our shared goofy sense of humour.

“Happy birthday dad!”

David Bowie's grandson son Stenton David Jones was born six months after the Space Oddity star passed away, and 46-year-old Duncan shared the same photo of the birthday card on his social media.

Duncan also took to Twitter later on that day to update his fans, telling them he was "pretty cheery" and sharing wisdom his father had imparted on him.

He wrote: "Im actually pretty cheery today! Dad lived ten lives in the years he had! There are many lessons he taught me, but todays most important one is this; don't beat yourself up. Ever. Learn, pick yourself up, & go do something new & brave!"

Meanwhile, Bowie's widow Iman marked the day by sharing baby pictures of her late husband.

The model, philanthropist and businesswoman shared the cute image of Bowie as a baby, with the caption: "#BowieForever".

On the eve of his Birthday, the 62-year-old former super-model, who shares 17-year-old Alexandria Zahra Jones with the late star, also posted an image which displayed the poignant message: "It's ok not to be ok". 

Photographer Mick Rock, known for his iconic pictures of Bowie and various rock legends, shared an image of the Starman on Twitter, writing: "I experienced Bowie above all as a piece of living artwork, constantly modulating and mutating like a series of startling reflections in a cracked mirror. He was fascinating...He was what the times needed and a whole lot more. "

Friend and collaborator Nile Rogers also took to Twitter yesterday to mark the special occasion, writing: "Happy Birthday @DavidBowieReal You changed my life forever!".

To celebrate what would have been Bowie's 71st birthday, a previously unheard demo of Let's Dance has was also shared.

Listen to it here: 

Photo credit: Starmax/PA Images