The Daft Punk Unchained Documentary Is Upon Us, And The Helmets Are Coming Off

28 September 2015, 11:21 | Updated: 28 September 2015, 11:34

Daft Punk

The anticipated trailer for the documentary that promises to show a more personal side to the French duo Daft Punk, has arrived.

Men of mystery, Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have invited cameras in to their lives and for the first time! The French duo set to share their story of musical success with a little help from friends Nile Rodgers, Pharell Williams and Kanye West in the first look trailer.

The trailer features appearances from music legend Nile Rodgers, Pharell Williams and Kanye West, who all praise the French duo for their "revolutionary" approach to the world of music. 

With a closing shot showing one half of the duo removing his helmet, it's certain we can expect a television debut from the faces of dance music moguls as Daft Punk appear set to reveal their identity on camera in a TV first.

And while we all have to wait until later in the year for the full featurette to hit screens, Twitter has been a flurry of excitement.