Comedian Chris Martin Posts "NOT IN COLDPLAY" Photo On Twitter

24 November 2016, 12:46 | Updated: 24 November 2016, 17:45

Comedian Chris Martin Not In Coldplay photo

The British funny man was suffering from a case of mistaken identity after Coldplay visited India.

A comedian who shares the same name as Chris Martin has had to deny he's the Coldplay frontman on Twitter.

It all began when the Yellow rockers made a visit to India, and gained themselves thouands of new fans and Twitter followers in the process. However, instead of following the band on Twitter, some people followed comedian Chris Martin's profile and congratulated him for his appearance instead.

Chris soon decided to clear things up, by telling his new found "Indian posse": "To the 500 Indian followers I gained in the last day I'm not in Coldplay. I'm sure Chris was great in Mumbai but I can't pass on the message"

He then went one further by changing his profile picture to a photo of himself holding up a sign which read: "NOT IN COLDPLAY".

If only he'd made it clearer he wasn't THE Chris Martin by putting the word comedy in his username! Oh wait...

Photo: Twitter/ChrisMComedy