Coldplay Thank Noel Gallagher For Lending Oasis Tracks To One Love Manchester

6 June 2017, 17:28 | Updated: 6 June 2017, 17:30

Coldplay Chris Martin BRIT Awards 2017

Chris Martin - who performed Don't Look Back In Anger at the benefit concert - has taken to Twitter to thank Noel for "being there in spirit".

Coldplay have thanked Noel Gallagher for giving them his blessing to play Oasis tracks at the One Love Manchester gig on Sunday (4 March).

Chris Martin performed Don't Look Back In Anger and accompanied Liam Gallagher on Live Forever at the benefit, which was created by Ariana Grande to raise money for the victims of the Manchester terror attack. 

Taking to Twitter, the Fix You band wrote: "1/ thank you for giving your blessing and encouragement to play don't look back in anger and live forever on sunday

"2/ everyone knew in advance you couldn't be there physically, so thank you for being there in spirit

"3/ and for lending us those incredible songs. love cm"

Then, ever the diplomats, the frontman and guitarist Jonny Buckland added a further mention for Noel's estranged brother, Liam, writing: "and thank you , that was awesome x cm + jb".

Their tweet will hopefully somewhat appease Mr LG, who has recently done a u-turn on the band after performing with them.

Watch his interview here:

Liam slated Noel publicly on Twitter for not attending the benefit the following day, saying: “Manchester I’d like to apologise for my brother’s absence last night very disappointed.”

He also referred to the fact that he’d jetted into Manchester after performing at a show in Berlin that afternoon: “Noel's out of the fucking country - weren't we all love. Get on a fucking plane and play your tunes for the kids you sad fuck".

However a statement issued by the Ballad of the Mighty I singer explaining has absence has been confirmed by his people.

The statement was corroborated by Liam’s ex and mother of his daughter Molly. In a since-deleted tweet, Lisa Moorish claimed that Noel was “busy looking after his kids and the daughter you've never even met! AS YOU WERE x LM."

She also posted a photo of Molly with her uncle on Instagram, saying "Mol working hard revising for exams so had to miss the fun last week. Belated celebrations soon!"

Noel Gallagher Molly Moorish

Watch Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland perform Don't Look Bank In Anger To Ariana Grande here:

See the Coldplay frontman accompany Liam Gallagher on Live Forever: