Why Alex James Thinks Blur Is Like An Ex-Girlfriend...

21 November 2017, 13:28 | Updated: 21 November 2018, 13:29

"I think we all probably get on better now than we ever have done," says the Blur bassist.

Today is Alex James' 50th Birthday, and it's fair to say (despite maintaining that excellent mop of his) he's changed a bit over the years. 

Last summer, the bassist-turned-cheese farmer discussed how getting back together with his Blur bandmates has changed.

Talking to Radio X's Gordon Smart, he mused: "Moving to the country, having five kids and not doing it for a while... And when it sort of flips back in now, it's sort of like being dragged off by an ex girlfriend, kind of all mussed up and sent back to my life slightly confused."

The Coffee And TV rocker added: "I think we all probably get on better now than we ever have done, actually and it's just lovely 'cause there's no reason to do it then 'cause we want to."

Recalling his days in the Britpop band, he mused: "We went straight from college to playing to 300 people, a couple years later you're playing to 3000, and then five years later you have a fight with Oasis and you play to 30,000.

"I think we played to about a million people once in Rome, it was crazy. But you sort of lose all sense (of it). It's just what you do."