WATCH: Blossoms Launched A Helpline & We Just Called It...

20 February 2018, 15:57 | Updated: 20 February 2018, 18:20

Find out what happens when you call the Stockport five-piece's #Help4Blossoms helpline.

Blossoms have been behaving strangely of late, and now it looks like they've launched a helpline for their confused fans.

Taking to Twitter, the band's EMI label shared an image which the caption: "Have recent rumoured fractures in left you feeling confused? Helpless? We’re here for you. Call the free helpline now: +44 8082812482 #Help4Blossoms".

Radio X called the helpline and listened to what it had to say.

Watch our video to hear it above.

The end of the automated message even allows you to record your own message to the band... which of course we did... and it included no swear words at all. 

While it's uncertain what it all means, everything points to a hilarious stunt, which will hopefully see the band sharing some new music news.

It's not the first time the Blown Rose rockers have joked around though.

Last year saw them react to their Mercury Prize nod, with funnyman Josh Dewhurst sharing his tongue-in-cheek video reaction.

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