Simon Neil Talks "Purely Electronic" Solo Album

14 December 2016, 17:17 | Updated: 14 December 2016, 18:03

Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro Press Image

However, the Biffy Clyro frontman revealed he's "reticent" to call it a solo effort.

Simon Neil has teased some details of his upcoming solo effort under the name ZZC, despite not wanting to call it solo. 

The Biffy Clyro frontman, who has previously released two LPs with his Marmaduke Duke side-project, has revealed he's set to release an "electronic album," which he wrote while he was writing Ellipsis. 

“I’m reticent to say ‘solo’,” Neil told Kerrang. “It’s another outlet, I guess. It’s a purely electronic album. 

"I wrote it and made it when I was trying to make Ellipsis and I was worried about writing a Biffy song and making it as good as all our other songs. 

"That wasn’t working so I had to go away and make some different music. I ended up making this dance record. It’s quite sparse. Some of it’s ambient, some of it’s hilarious."

Despite everything seemingly going to plan, the Howl frontman also shared the fact he shares his solo moniker with something quite unfortunate.

He explained: "It’ll be called ZZC but if you Google ZZC it comes up as a Japanese porn site. I really should have checked.”