Biffy Clyro: Everyone Owes A Bit Of Gratitude To David Bowie

11 January 2017, 11:26 | Updated: 12 January 2017, 09:21

Biffy Clyro Simon Neil at Radio X on Gordon Smart

Watch as frontman Simon Neil and the band reflect on Bowie's impact one year after his death.

Biffy Clyro paid tribute to David Bowie on the anniversary of his death yesterday (Tuesday 10 February).

When asked by Gordon Smart about the Starman's impact on them, frontman Simon Neil said: "I think just anyone who's ever played music or ever listened to music owes a bit of gratitude to David Bowie.

"For us Bowie's always been there. I think he's such a part of the tapestry of the culture coming out of the UK and the music..."

Watch Biffy discussing David Bowie below.

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Simon Neil also joked that the Heroes star first made an impression on him in Labyrinth, where he "poked (him) in the eye," referring to the revealing tights Bowie wore while playing the role of Jareth the Goblin King.

The Howl singer added: "For me there's so many amazing songs, so many beautiful songs, so many songs that bring out different feelings."

Citing Bowie's Sound And Vision (from 1977's Low album) as one of his favourite tracks, Neil gushed: "Rules didn't matter and it's just impossible not to be influenced so it's a sad, sad day. I can't believe it's a year.

"And we used to go onto Let's Dance, which I know isn't Bowie's greatest song, but it got us right pumped up, so thank you David Bowie for all you've done."