WATCH: This Throwback George Harrison Interview Proves What A Legend He Was

25 February 2018, 12:00

George Harrison on The Dick Cavett Show, 1971, Full Interview


We celebrate "the quiet Beatle" on what would have been his 75th Birthday.

Today marks the 75th birthday of The Beatles guitarist George Harrison, who sadly lost his battle with cancer, aged just 58 years old. 

Referred to as "the quiet Beatle," he was often thought of as the shy and retiring one, but this throwback 1971 interview from the Dick Cavett show proves he was anything but.

Watch his full interview in a video uploaded by YouTube account, John Lennon, above. 

Through his clever quips and funny one-liners, Harrisson manages to display his concerns about the world of celebrity, his modesty (by calling Paul McCartney the charmer) and his great comic timing when he jumps out of his seat after hearing Yoko sat in the very same spot.


Lead photo credit: PA/PA Archive/PA Images