Arctic Monkeys: We Want to Write Another R U Mine?

1 March 2013, 18:16 | Updated: 4 August 2013, 22:04

Arctic Monkeys

Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys has told Radio X the band are hoping to record more tracks like their last single R U Mine? for their next album.

"[Alex Turner's] main focus was trying to get something a bit like R U Mine? because we're still into it - it's still fun to play and listen to. I think this time we'll just record loads of songs and narrow it down," he admitted to Radio X's Matt Dyson.

When pushed for when we can expect a new record to be out he admitted 2013 - but wouldn't say exactly.

"This year, we just dont want to put any pressure on when."

He was talking to us at the NME awards - where the band won Best Video for R U Mine?