Why Alex Turner Still Stands By That BRITs Speech...

24 April 2018, 12:02

Alex Turner and Matt Helders at the BRIT Awards 2014
Alex Turner and Matt Helders at the BRIT Awards 2014. Picture: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

The Arctic Monkeys frontman has talked about his infamous awards ceremony speech, insisting he "didn't really have another way around it".

Alex Turner has discussed his speech at the BRIT Awards 2014 and suggested he stands by it today.

The Arctic Monkeys frontman thrilled and bemused audiences when the band went picked up the gong for the MasterCard Album of the Year by giving a monologue on the cyclical nature of rock 'n' roll, before dropping his mic.

When questioned about the event four years on the Do I Wanna Know? singer told MOJO magazine: "I maintain that I didn’t really have another way around it."

He added: "Another way of justifying getting up in that room. What else was I supposed to do? To go up there and pretend that I’d been dreaming about that moment since I was a kid would have been dishonest."

Remind yourself of the incredible moment here:

Turner echoed his own thoughts in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2016, where he revealed the speech wasn't a result of drug-induced rambling.

A lot of people thought I was waffling away on drugs," the Arabella singer revealed."But I wasn't. I just can't pretend getting an award was something I've dreamed about since I was a kid, because it isn't." 

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Meanwhile, Arctic Monkeys have revealed the opening lyrics to their sixth studio album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

As today's in-depth interview with MOJO magazine reveals, opening track Star Treatment sees Turner sing: “I just wanted to be one of The Strokes, now look at the mess you made me make / Hitchhiking with a monogrammed suitcase, miles away from any half-useful imaginary highway."

When asked about name-checking the New York indie rockers, Turner mused: “Did The Strokes line feel too close to home? Yeah, absolutely. But you can’t let that stop you. That whole thing of ‘Oh my God, what they gonna think this means? You can’t really work like that.”

See the trailer for their album, which is released on 11 May, below:

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Miles Kane also told Radio X whether he'll be appearing on the new LP, and gave us a little hint of what to expect.

Asked by Gordon Smart if we can expect him to feature, he smiled: "Nope," and told listeners: “It’s great, you’re gonna love it.”

Watch our interview below:

Arctic Monkeys UK tour dates also went on sale earlier this month, which will see them play a whopping four nights at both The O2, London and four homecoming shows at the Sheffield FLYDSA Arena. 

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino tracklisting:

1. Star Treatment

2. One Point Perspective

3. American Sports

4. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

5. Golden Trunks

6. Four Out Of Five

7. The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip

8. Science Fiction

9. She Looks Like Fun

10. Batphone

11. The Ultracheese