Arcade Fire: a fancy dressed crowd "keeps it fresh"

10 June 2014, 15:50 | Updated: 10 June 2014, 17:31

Arcade Fire 2014

Arcade Fire have admitted to Radio X they have strict measures in place to make sure they maintain their energy levels while touring.

Speaking to Radio X's John Kennedy backstage at Earl's Court, where they played two shows over the weekend, Will Butler confessed that they know their limits.

"We've learned that you can't do more than three shows in a row, and this tour is actually quite long for us. Generally you don't do more than three or four weeks on the road and then you take a month off and you live life... then you kind of, you try to eat a good dinner."

Will also admitted the request for fans to come dressed up to their shows really has helped keep Arcade Fire energised. "Asking the audience to dress up really does make it," he told John.

"It does make it so different because you have the hilarious banana man in one show and you've got a dozen cowboys in another... You see in one room it's all sixteen year olds with face paint on and then the next show it's all 65 year olds with face paint on and that aspect of people dressing up and getting geared up for the evening makes it so much less anonymous."

The dress code for Arcade Fire's live shows - which included formal and fancy dress - proved controversial and led to the band having to issue a clarification that it was not mandatory.

Bassist Richard Reed Parry said they do hope people choose to take part though.

"It's nice to see, like there's all sorts of people go to see music for all different reasons, I think. It's really nice to see that when people dress up it really is visually demonstrative to us that they're there to enjoy themselves and to have fun.

"There is something quite generous. We receive something when people dress up and come to the shows, that's really fun and that keeps it really fresh."

You can listen to the full interview with Will and Richard from Arcade Fire on tonight's X-Posure with John Kennedy from 10pm.

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