The 1975's Matt Healy Wants To Sue The Government & Make A Mixtape With David Cameron...

24 May 2016, 17:14 | Updated: 24 May 2016, 17:42

Matt Healy The 1975 Twitter Screengrab

He's accused "the government" of stealing ideas from The 1975's album campaign.

Matt Healy has gone on a Twitter rant about suing "the government" for stealing The 1975's ideas, after neon lights were used in an EU referendum campaign.

Taking a picture of a leaflet from The Electoral Commission, the Love Me singer wrote: "Look out kidz the government are stealing our thoughts!!"

The 1975's fans were also quick draw comparisons between the advert and the band's artwork for their second album, I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, with Healy retweeting a post of the capmaign video.

EU Referendum wants to be @the1975 so bad.


The singer didn't leave it there, however, asking Prime Minister David Cameron to release a mixtape with him, and joking that the whole rant was a ploy to promote their new single.

However, it looked like the frontman may have had A Change Of Heart, since he deleted most of his tweets "through fear of getting assassinated".

The UK's Electoral Commission has since denied Healy's accusations, saying their idea actually came from a similar campaign used during the Scottish referendum.

In a statement issued to The Fader, they said: “The visuals of the campaign are designed to ‘cut through’ the noise that everyone will be hearing about the E.U. referendum by creating eye-catching advertising ‘you can’t miss.’ 

"The visual aspect is based on a successful campaign the Commission ran ahead of the Scottish referendum where by polling day, 84% of people surveyed said they recognised the advertising."

It looks like other people agreed with them too:

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Picture: Twitter/Matt Healy