The 1975: Gazza Paid For A Limo For Us

4 April 2013, 19:11 | Updated: 19 August 2013, 11:45

The 1975

Matty from The 1975 has told Radio X that their most (radio friendly) rock and roll story involved a bonding session with a former England footballer.

"We played a show a couple of years ago and we ended up befriending Gazza - Paul Gascoigne in the bar - and he disappeared for like an hour and returned in a limo that was for us, to take us back from London to Manchester.

"[It was] because we'd told him we were getting the train back and he wasn't having any of it because he'd fallen in love with us over this hour of drinking.

"It was a right laugh, there was loads of champagne and loads of drink and we watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High in the back of it. It was so cool."

The footballer paid for the band to get back from Notting Hill to Manchester - but are they still friends to this day?

"My Dad knows him funnily enough," Matty continued. "My Dad spoke to him about a week later and he couldn't really remember what had happened."

The band are touring the UK and Europe next month before getting into festival season.

Their latest release - Music For Cars EP - is out now.