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Remember the war that was started by a child? Neither do we. Every day over a billion children in conflict zones are at daily risk of being shot at, abducted, tortured, raped and killed.

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Radio X is proud to support the work of War Child , the charity who provides life-changing support to the most vulnerable children whose families, communities and schools have been torn apart by war.

Here are some of War Child's supporters telling you more about these children, and how you can make a difference...

WARNING: If you choose to listen to the following stories, you may find the subject matter upsetting, and you should, but we feel it's important that we can share what these children are going through, and support them where we can.


War Child needs our help to stop the suffering of innocent children in War, children like Anna Therese, a 15-year old from Goma in Eastern Congo who ran into a group of soldiers while out collecting water for her family.

"One of the soldiers told me to go with him, I was afraid he was going to kill me. He asked me if I was wearing underwear, I answered yes. He told me to take them off, which I did. He raped me and then he gave me back my jerry can and ordered me to collect water for him. I didn't, I ran home. I told my uncle what happened and he told me that we had to go to hospital.

After that I really suffered. My body was damaged and there was always urine leaking down my legs. I had to stop going to school because the other children laughed at me and I couldn't concentrate in class. Sometimes I would tremble so much, I had terrible nightmares. Whenever I saw a soldier or a man I would remember what happened and I couldn't look at them I was so scared."

Anne Therese suffered so badly that she would wet herself uncontrollably. She stopped going to school because the other children would laugh at her. She had terrible nightmares. Anne Theresa came to live at the War Child centre for vulnerable girls. Here she is treated well and cared for. The psychologist there helped her to understand that what happened was not her fault. She receives medical treatment and has started taking a tailoring course and is thinking about what she will do when she leaves the centre.

Stop the abuse of an innocent child in War. 


Radio X's fund for War Child is an appeal operated by Global Charities, a registered charity in England & Wales (1091657) & Scotland (SC041475). War Child is a registered charity in England & Wales (1071659).

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