Razorlight on Slipway Fires

Not only do Johnny and Andy come in to give John Kennedy the low-down on the new Razorlight, but Carl and Bjorn come in as well. You wait for one bus...

Razorlight aren't a band who forget. We gave them their first session, played their demos and got behind them when they were merely a twinkle in record shops' cash registers.

Now that they're globe-straddling rock behemoths, racking up sales quicker than they can slay sold-out arenas, it's heartening to know they still remember who their friends are.

So not only do we get J. Bo and Andy waxing lyrical on all their new tracks, but we get Carl and Bjorn, too. That's two perspectives on one the biggest albums of the year. You won't get that anywhere else, folks.

So sit back and enjoy the full take on Slipway Fires. It's a bit of a corker if we do say so ourselves...

Wire To Wire
Johnny and Andy: "I had no idea it was going to be a single. Originally it was a minute and a half long..."

Razorlight 'Wire To Wire' (Johnny and Andy)

Carl and Bjorn: "I can't really remember when we started playing it... Wire To Wire was recorded before all the other songs..."

Razorlight 'Wire To Wire' (Carl and Bjorn)


Hostage Of Love
Johnny and Andy: "Can we play you how it happened? Andy had this little song that started out as a riff..."

Razorlight 'Hostage Of Love' (Johnny and Andy)

Carl and Bjorn: "We played this in South Africa. It was played by Johnny, Andy and a violin player. It was a very sorrowful lament at that point..."

Razorlight 'Hostage Of Love' (Carl and Bjorn)


You And The Rest
Johnny and Andy: "The drums is the arrangement of the song. It was one of the most amazing performances I've ever been close to".

Razorlight 'You And The Rest' (Johnny and Andy)

Carl and Bjorn: "That was one of those songs that was worked up pretty early".

Razorlight 'You Are The Rest' (Carl and Bjorn)


Tabloid Lover
Johnny and Andy: "In my contract I think it says I'm allowed one solo per album..."

Razorlight 'Tabloid Lover' (Johnny and Andy)

Carl and Bjorn: "That's Johnny's guitar odyssey. I basically just add a bit of texture, basically..."

Razorlight 'Tabloid Lover' (Carl and Bjorn)


North London Trash

Johnny and Andy: "I'm pure North London trash. That was a song to where I grew up..."

Razorlight 'North London Trash' (Johnny and Andy)

Carl and Bjorn: "Johnny Borrell is Lou Reed!... It's about all of us, and it's about having a bit of a laugh with your own image."

Razorlight 'North London Trash' (Carl and Bjorn)


60 Thompson
Johnny and Andy: "I really like what we've done with the sequencing here. This was the seventh version..."

Razorlight '60 Thompson' (Johnny and Andy)

Carl and Bjorn: "It's very much a studio song, it came about very late..."

Razorlight '60 Thompson' (Carl and Bjorn)


Johnny and Andy: "I'm quite proud of it because it's the only time I've ever written lyrics. I'll usually write a line which Johnny could do something with..."

Razorlight 'Stinger' (Johnny and Andy)


Burberry Blue Eyes

Johnny and Andy: "For me, it was like revisiting Rock'n'Roll Lies but with a little more nuance..."

Razorlight 'Burberry Blue Eyes' (Johnny and Andy)



Blood For Wild Blood

Johnny and Andy: "It references a lot of the songs on the record..."

Razorlight 'Blood For Wild Blood' (Johnny and Andy)

Carl and Bjorn: "It has a Beatles-esque outro. It was the only time I've ever tried to sound like something on the bass..."

Razorlight 'Blood For Wild Blood' (Carl and Bjorn)


Monster Boots

Johnny and Andy: "Monster Boots was something I wrote on piano. Literally in the middle of breaking up with somebody..."

Razorlight 'Monster Boots' (Johnny and Andy)

Carl and Bjorn: "A slipway is a sloped wooden jetty where you put boots into the water... A slip road is when you turn off the motorway."

Razorlight 'Monster Boots' (Carl and Bjorn)

The House

Johnny and Andy: "I went up to Scotland and it was the first thing I started writing. I spent a  lot of time on it..."

Razorlight 'The House' (Johnny and Andy)

Carl and Bjorn: "If I go to a movie theatre, I stay and listen to the outro..."

Razorlight 'The House' (Carl and Bjorn)




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