WATCH: The Chris Moyles Show - Week 11 Highlights

This week Noel Gallagher plays the Radio X Road Trip, Dom takes to the streets of Manchester and Vernon pranks Chris TWICE in two days!

Chris Moyles Vernon Kay clowns

Rob DJ returns for his pub quiz! 

Rob DJ is back with his weird and wonderful catchphrases and this week may well be the trickiest round yet.

Feast your eyes on today's Pub Quiz highlights with Rob DJ!




Vernon pranks Chris on the Radio X Road Trip

Chris Moyles arrived in Manchester and gets treated to the Man City suite, but Vernon's left a special surprise in his hotel room...


MUST WATCH: Vernon gets Chris with ANOTHER prank!

His biggest yet?



Is James the nicest man ever?

Two Noel Gallagher fans went head-to-head for the last tickets to his Radio X Road Trip gig. Find out what happened when our audience chose a winner...

Is James the nicest guy ever?




When Chris Moyles met Noel Gallagher

Chris and Noel had a catch up on the Radio X Road Trip in Manchester, and he told us why he'll keep ramming Half The World Away down our throats till January... 

Chris caught up with Noel Gallagher and he was on top form!




Chris gets pranked... AGAIN!

After filling his room with one of his phobias, Vern decided to ramp it up and bring in the clowns...


NOT AGAIN! Two pranks in two days from Vernon! This time, CLOWNS!




Jenson Button tells Chris exactly what he's going to do to him...

The Formula 1 star talks Monaco, charity triathlons and driving Chris around with his eyes closed.


Jenson Button chats triathlons, Monaco and scaring Chris s***less!


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