WATCH: Chris Moyles on not being invited to Kelly Jones's wedding


That Awkward Moment You Don't Get Invited

Kelly Jones of (The) Stereophonics joins Chris Moyles in the studio and the awkward subject of the frontman’s wedding comes up.


Kelly Jones of (The) Stereophonics joined Chris Moyles in the Radio X studio to talk about the rather brilliant success of the band's latest album, Keep The Village Alive... when there was a rather awkward moment.

It turned out that Chris hadn't been invited to Kelly's wedding... so Moyles confronts him with this fact.

How does Kelly get out of this faux pas? What does Kelly’s wife have to say about it? And, more to the point, who does the best Tom Jones impression? Watch the clip and find out.

Meanwhile, Stereophonics - quite possibly joined by Chris himself - will be joining us on The Radio X Road Trip with Chris Moyles together with O2 for a very special show at  the O2 Academy Bristol on 3 November. Have a look at the full details.





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