The Chris Moyles Show - Today’s Highlights (4 December 2015)

Vernon brings in the clowns, Jenson Button stops by for a chat and Chris plays with the delay button.

Dom and Jenson Button Chris Moyles Show

Chris gets pranked TWICE by Vernon Kay on the Radio X Road Trip

The team were in Manchester this week and Vernon pranked Chris not once, but TWICE! After filling his room with balloons, Vern decided to bring in the clowns...


NOT AGAIN! Two pranks in two days from Vernon! This time, CLOWNS!



Jenson Button tells Chris exactly what he's going to do to him...

The Formula 1 star talks Monaco, charity triathlons and driving Chris around with his eyes closed.


Jenson Button chats triathlons, Monaco and scaring Chris s***less!


Chris Moyles masters "dump" and "delay" button... or not.

Chris has a play around with the buttons at work and accidentally lets the audience in on a racy secret...


Chris experimented with the delay and 'dump' button earlier...

with hilarious consequences!





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