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Sometimes competition winners are not what they seem...

Comp winner John doesn't seem that excited...


Today: find out what Dom's second favourite joke is (if you must); the PLATINUM HOUR kicks the weekend off with a bang; and a listener wins a trip to see Muse in LA - or does he?

An Awkward Competition Moment… Or Is It?

Leone goes head to head with John to win a trip to see Muse in Los Angeles. Leone is a massive Muse fan, but we’re not sure about John. HOWEVER, there’s a surprise in store for Leone…

What is Dom’s second favourite joke?

Dom’s torment continues as the Radio Voice demands a joke. He hasn’t got much left in the tank, but here it is anyway. Prepare not to laugh.


Dom's Second Favourite Joke


Everyone’s loving the Platinum Hour

Friday saw the launch of The Platinum Hour on Radio X - not quite an hour (but almost) of incredible tunes. Your feedback was AMAZING. And we had a couple of interesting tweets…


The first PLATINUM HOUR on The Chris Moyles Show

Everyone's loving the Platinum Hour. And we mean EVERYONE.



Just look at those Platinum Hour tracks

Just look at them.

Radio X Platinum Hour #1

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