The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X: Today’s Highlights (24 September 2015)


Chris Invades The Heart Studio

Chris tried his luck again with the Wheel Of Radio Chance...


It’s Day 4 and it’s time for Chris to launch an attack on Jamie Theakston and Emma Bunton while they’re broadcasting on Heart; everything gets a bit “Loose Women” with Patrick Kielty; and we demand (and get) proof that people are listening in Australia.

Sheer Heart attack! Chris tries to break into the Heart studio

After a successful attempt at VideoBombing Andrew Castle as he tried to present his own show on Smooth, today’s studio invasion challenge is for Chris to launch a raid on Heart. On air at that moment: Jamie Theakston and Emma Bunton. How did it go? Watch the video and find out. It didn’t pan out how we expected.


Oh look, it’s Patrick Kielty

Today’s guest on the show is the Irish comedian and presenter. WELCOME. But we asked him to behave on air and here’s the reaction.


It's Patrick Kielty on the show!

But do Patrick and Chris need to be briefed about what NOT to say on air?



The exact moment The Chris Moyles Show turns into Loose Women. 

No, really. Watch Chris ask Patrick Kielty about his forthcoming new release - a baby! How does he feel about it?


Patrick Kielty makes everything go a bit "Loose Women"

Chris Moyles asks comedian Patrick Kielty about the baby he's having with Cat Deely.




Everybody Needs Good Listeners

So apparently there are a huge amount of listeners tuning in from Australia. No, really! Including one chap who claimed he lived down the road from the Neighbours set at “Ramsey Street”. Chris demands proof, proof is forthcoming.


Everybody Needs Good Listeners

People are listening to us in Australia. Here's the proof. A photo of Ramsey Street!


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