The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X - Today’s Highlights (2 October 2015)


Ban Ki-moon - The graffiti artist??

Chris has the Photoshop skills to pay the bills...


It’s the end of Week Two and time for the Patinum Hour with Pat Sharp, Anneka Rice drops a bad word on air and we discuss UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s name with Wikipedia-changing results.

Ban Ki-Moon: Graffiti Artist

Chris’s excellent Photoshop skills result in a brilliant pic of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon as a graffiti artist (Ban-ksy Moon?). One of our brilliant listeners updates Wikipedia accordingly - and all before 7am.



Anneka Rice causes a bit of an incident

The former star of Challenge Anneka is under the spotlight of the Celebrity Wheel Of Chance. Chris calls her up and an anecdote goes a bit wrong. Can the boss of Radio X restore order and keep us on the air? It’s only Show 10 for heaven’s sake!


The most eventful spin of the 'Wheel Of Chance' yet?

Tut tut Aneka Rice...




The Patinum Hour is in full effect

Broadcasting Legend ™ Pat Sharp takes control of this week’s Platinum Hour, so we re-christen it as the “Patinum Hour” for one week only. Unless he agrees to come back? Come on, Pat…!


Pat Sharp on the Radio X Patinum Hour!

The #PatinumHour in action. And already Chris is being told off by the legend that is Pat Sharp.


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