WATCH: The Chris Moyles Show - Today’s Highlights (13 October 2015)


Steve Coogan gets the team worried for a second...

Find out why Steve Coogan promises not to swear on the radio


Today: Steve Coogan talks bad tattoos and growing old gracefully, Dave is given some very odd birthday wishes and Pippa discusses footballer’s bums. Watch and learn.

Steve Coogan is today's guest!

The funnyman and actor discuss growing old and not wearing trainers after the age of 50 and what happens when you get acronyms as tattoos. WTF?


Pippa's Chelsea FC Bum Experience!

Pippa has witnessed a Chelsea players bum... in the nude! But whose was it?


Which Chelsea FC player's bum did Pippa see?

Pippa's Chelsea FC Bum Experience!




It was Dave's birthday over the weekend... Chris arranged for a selection of fabulous messages on this special day. And they're all very genuine.


Dave celebrates his birthday...

...with some very special guests giving him messages. But who could they be?


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