WATCH: A Listener Actually Shouted "Choo-Choo" At Wimbledon


Choo-Choo Andy!

A listener shouted out during Andy Murray's first Wimbledon match.


Pete decided to try out the prank during Andy Murray's match at Centre Court.

Last week a listener wrote in promising to shout choo-choo while sitting in the crowd at Wimbledon.

But it wasn't just any tennis match at Wimbledon. It was Andy Murray's first ever match for the tournament this year on Centre Court.

Like Assistant Producer Matt, he recorded himself shouting out at the event, but the team listened back to the original footage to see if "choo-choo Andy" made it to broadcast. 

Watch our video above to find out.

Now, how the hell can you top that?

Credit: BBC

Photo credit: PA/Radio X

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