WATCH: The Chris Moyles Show On Radio X - Today's Highlights (7 October 2015)

On today’s show: Dave’s terrible lyrics, Pippa calls the White House (again) and Chris discusses yawning etiquette.

Chris Moyles Show On Radio X (7 October 2015)

Listen to Dave’s awesome lyrics

Producer Dave used to be in a pop duo called Air when he was nine. Fancy listening to the lyrics to one of his songs?


Madam's childhood lyrics are terrifying...




Pippa calls the White House… again

Continuing her mission to get President Barack Obama on the show, Pippa once again leaves a fabulously detailed voicemail for one of the most powerful men on the planet.


Pippa calls the White House...

...and it's brilliant.



Know someone who does this?

Yawning while you’re talking to someone - is it a social faux pas, or perfectly acceptable?


Know someone who does this?


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