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Dan O'Connell Radio X 2015 Northern chap Dan has been on the radio since he was aged 18...

He'll get you through the post-lunch carb slump between 1 and 4pm. You can also hear him on Saturdays at 7pm. Expect some great music from Dan, who can also play the bagpipes - but it’s in his contract that he leaves them at home.

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The View at Hyde Park Was #IndieAmnesty Just Nostalgia, Or A Celebration Of A Lifestyle?

Last week, an innocent hashtag took over Twitter and saw the nation share its most embarrassing secrets concerning rock music and indie fandom from “back in the day”. But should we be embarrassed about such youthful exuberance? Radio X’s Dan O’Connell suggests that there’s no need for an Indie Amnesty - the spirit is alive and well.

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