These Actors Were Supposed To Star In Groundhog Day...

2 February 2017, 15:27

Worst Movie Poster Groundhog Day

According to reports, Bill Murray wasn't the first actor considered for the role.

Today is 2 February, otherwise known as Groundhog Day- the bizarre US holiday which inspired the film of the same name.

But what if we told you that the iconic 90s movie starring Bill Murray could have actually had someone else as its lead?

Well, according to Digital Spy, Tom Hanks was originally teed up for the 1993 film, but director Harold Ramis decided he was "too nice" to begin with, so his redemption wouldn't have been convincing enough.

Little did he know that 24 years later, we'd all be confusing the two and asking in exasperation: 'Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?' 

 It's definitely Bill Murray, by the way...

According to the outlet, other actors who were considered for the role but were also deemed too nice were Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and John Travolta. 


Let's face it, Ramis made the perfect choice, because we can't imagine anyone other than Bill Murray saying this: 

Happy Groundhog Day!

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