The Elderly Couple Who Partied At Fabric Wrote An Amazing Letter To The Club Promoter

7 June 2016, 14:12

DJ Jacob Husley with elderly couple at Fabric nigh

The Polish couple also gave the nightclub a few tips about their music policy...

The elderly couple who hit the headlines for raving at Fabric in May have written a letter to club promoter and DJ Jacob Husley.

The WetYourSelf director posted the lengthy letter on his Facebook page, after people accused the story of being a "media stunt."

In the letter, the pair thanked him for being so welcoming and confirmed the story was in fact 100% true, despite a few inaccuracies printed by the media, such as the time they arrived.

The elderly gentleman - who wrote the letter on behalf of himself and his "partner Stanislawa" also had a few tips for the club about their music policy, adding: "Personally, I’m not a big fan of techno but I am a fan of electronic dance music which Fabric used to play. 

"I’d recommend to Mr Hansen to play this kind of music once a week or three times a month, it’s worth trying."


Read Husley's post and the translated letter (which accidentally spells the promoter's name wrong) below:

Picture: Facebook/Jacob Husley

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