Will Smith Has Turned Into Uncle Phil & People Are Losing It...

The Hollywood actor shared a video of his bungee jump and looked uncannily like his former TV uncle.

Will Smith and James Avery

Will Smith proved his mettle recently by bungee jumping 111 metres above the Zambezi River at Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls.

Watch the full bungee jump in action our video:


Will Smith Bungee Jumps Holding GoPro at Victoria Falls

Actor Will Smith filmed himself jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge over Zimbabwe’s Zambezi River in March, holding a GoPro camera as he took the plunge. Credit: Tony Barnett via Storyful


Credit: Tony Barnett via Storyful

However, eagle eyed fans couldn't help noticing that when he was upside down, Smith looked a lot like Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's Uncle Phil, who was played by the late James Avery. 

See some of the best reaction's here.

If that doesn't freak you out enough already, as Joe.co.uk notes, James Avery was actually younger when he started playing our favoutire uncle (after uncle Albert, of course) than 48-year-old Will Smith is now. 


Credit: Tony Barnett via Storyful

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