These Are Apparently The Uni Degrees We Regret The Most...

It's bad news for the arts and social sciences.

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Let's face it. University can be a bit of a doss. You spend the first two years partying yourselves into a stupor, only to panic on your final year and cram for dear life.

But generally it's all worth it because you've got a degree that should  help you get a career right?

Well, according to a study by Emoulment,  some people reckon their uni degrees aren't worth the paper they're written on, and BA Psychology seems to be the worst offender.

Out of a list of bachelor degrees, the social science was considered the most regrettable, with only 33% of participants considering it worthwhile.

Next on the list were the arts, with Fine Arts & Design and History, Geography and Politics tying at just 53%.

See the full chart below: 

Infographic: The Most (and Least) Worthwhile Degrees | Statista  

Source: Statista

Unsurprisingly, the most worthwhile degrees were the ones reserved for geniuses.

87% of those who achieved a BA in Chemistry and Natural Sciences thought their degrees were worthwhile, closely followed by Computer Sciences- which scored 81%.

So what do you reckon? If you went to uni, do you think your degree was worthwhile?


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