Panic! At The Disco Return With New Song, Victorious

30 September 2015, 13:44

Panic! At The Disco: Victorious (Audio)


Sitting pretty at the top of the downloads charts after its release on Tuesday, Panic! At The Disco's new track Victorious is well worth a listen.

Just a few days after the release of their new single Victorious, American pop punkers Panic! At The Disco look set for another chart hit with this new ready made anthem, following previous mega hits'Miss Jackson and I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

Following the single's release this week, lead singer Brendon Urie took to YouTube to comment on the inspiration behind the songs lyrics.

"I was never really great at sports. Never picked first for the team. Never had any game saving plays or tricks I could use to my advantage to then be hoisted upon my team mates' shoulders in praise of my winning awesomeness. 

"But what I missed in that regard, I made up for in passion and intensity. The guy who was known for turning up the crazy. The guy who said 'fuck it I'll do it.'

" That's truly victorious. Giving it your all when it's all you have. Giving 'em hell to get a taste of heaven. So I say give 'em a taste of your poison. Turn up the crazy. Tonight, we are victorious."

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