QUIZ: What Kind Of Glastonbury Punter Are You?

22 June 2017, 20:09

Glastonbury crowds 2015

Take our quiz and find out if you're a hippy, a glamper, or a music mad gig-goer.

Glastonbury Festival welcomes people from all walks of life, which is why when people say "IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT THE HEADLINERS," they're kind of right.

Whether you're a 24-hour party animal who thinks it's not over till you're face-down in the Stone Circle, a chronic gig-goer who's obsessed with looking out for clashes, a hippy who spends their whole time in the healing fields or the kind of person that won't leave camp until they've washed their hair, there's a place for you at Glasto.

But which kind of Glasto goer are you? Take our quiz and find out once and for all what category you most fall into:

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