The Way Boris Johnson Pronounces “Glastonbury” Is Cringeworthy

27 June 2017, 15:24

When the politician criticised Jeremy Corbyn in the House Of Commons he gave a VERY posh way of saying the festival’s name.

Boris Johnson has been criticising Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance at Glastonbury last weekend, but his point was lost somewhat in the strange way he pronounced the name of the festival.

The Foreign Secretary was making a statement about the Leader Of The Opposition’s speech on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday, but he was mocked by fellow MPs after he pronounced the name of the festival “GLARST-onbury”.

He started by saying: “When, this weekend, the BBC broadcast Glastonbury around the world…”

Boris was jeered at and corrected by others in the House, but stuck to his guns, saying: “It's GLARST-tonbury… It’s in the south west". Later he pronounced the word properly, only to quickly correct himself.

He went on to say: "Friends and admirers of this country around the world were genuinely alarmed that at a time of such uncertainty, the leader of the main opposition party in this country should have exercised such an Orphic spell over those who had previously been his opponents, that they have meekly acceded to his desire now not just to run down his defences, but as he said on the stage of Glass-tonbury, GLARST-onbury… that he would scrap our nuclear defence."

Many people from the area stepped in to take issue with the pronunciation:

The final word must go to one Tweeter, who put it simply:

Here's the moment Jeremy Corbyn appeared on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury to thank organiser Michael Eavis and offer a message to President Donald Trump: