12 Bands That Changed Their Musical Style

30 August 2017, 11:48

Primal Scream albums

Some bands are musical chameleons, flirting with many different styles over the course of their careers. But which ones have made the biggest changes to their sound... and jumped backwards between different styles in the process?

1. New Order

Before: gloomy, long-raincoated post-punk.

After: Hi-NRG electro disco.

2. Depeche Mode

Before: poptastic tinkly electro pop.

After: gloomy, moody electro ROCK.

3. The Charlatans

Before: Stone Roses-influenced baggy.

After: Rolling Stones-influenced rock and roll.

4. The Horrors

Before: terrifying horror-punk. 

After: shimmering synth pop.

5. Ocean Colour Scene

Before: shuffly baggy.

After: Mods mods mods.


6. The Cure

Before: eccentric, witty post-punk. 

After: doom-laden, gothic soundscapes.

7. The Shamen

Before: confrontational, political indie guitar rock.

After: blissed-out dance!

8. Pop Will Eat Itself

Before: thrashy guitar rock.


After: British hip hop.

9. The Soup Dragons

Before: quirky young indie. 

After: trippy baggy action.

10. Talk Talk

Before: Duran Duran-styled pop.

After: jazz-influenced, introverted post rock.

11. Primal Scream

Before: retro garage rock.

After: drug-fuelled dance anthems.

12. Beastie Boys

Before: unskilled hardcore punk.

After: accomplished hip hop.