The xx: We Shared A Studio With The Horrors

The xx have been telling Radio X that the making of their second album, Coexist, started off along the same lines as their acclaimed debut… but that when they moved into a studio space, they found themselves up against the mighty volume of The Horrors.

The xx

Romy Madely-Croft told Radio X's John Kennedy that the recording had started out in the same homemade style as their debut, XX:

"We were sort of in our separate bedrooms and that's kind of happened again. I was sending demos to Oliver via email like we had before. I used to sing quite quietly when we were living with our parents. Then I moved out and was living with a flatmate, so I had that same problem again. It was a good thing, though… I couldn't be too loud."

The band's Oliver Sim added that the rehearsals ran into problems when they moved out of their bedrooms: "We worked in a basement space in East London. It was just a place to put all our stuff and make some noise. It was a dingy basement that we kind of shared with The Horrors. Whenever they were in the studio, it was a deal-breaker. We had to leave. They beat us in the volume battle!"

You can hear The xx talk John Kennedy through Coexist track by track here

The xx

The XX The xx

Three teenagers from Putney who went stellar with their award-winning debut, xx.

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