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  1. Once Upon A Smile Who We Help: Once Upon A Smile

    Following the loss of a loved one, families are often left to grieve alone with no, or little support available, and this can often have a devastating impact on family life and children. Once Upon a Smile is a small charity, providing support to these families at their time of need to help them to move forward. Aleesha was only 6 years old when her dad passed away. She’s received support from Once Upon A Smile, which has seen her grow in confidence and make new friends who understand how she feels. Her mum said: “Once Upon A Smile have made such a huge difference to our lives. Aleesha is able to meet children and make new friends with children that get her, they all understand each other’s feelings. Her confidence is growing, and in time, I’m hoping with the on-going help from Once Upon A Smile, this will continue to grow. We still have our ups and downs and I am sure this will continue, but with the help of Once upon a Smile Aleesha can learn ways to cope with her on-going grief. This charity is amazing and I honestly do not know what we would have done without their continuing help.” Global’s Make Some Noise will be funding the role of a Children’s Bereavement Support Development Manager, who will provide support to youngsters like Aleesha who have lost a parent, guardian or sibling.

  2. Momentum Who We Help: Momentum

    Being told your child has cancer or another life-limiting condition is devastating, and can turn the lives of the whole family upside down.

Wednesday, 7th September 2016

  1. The Elizabeth Foundation Who We Help: The Elizabeth Foundation

    The Elizabeth Foundation is based in Hampshire, and teaches deaf and hearing-impaired children to learn to listen and speak, helping them to reach their potential.

  2. Y Bont Who We Help: Y Bont

    Y Bont means “the bridge” in Welsh, which perfectly represents how Y Bont connects families and provides valuable links to appropriate support for parents with disabled children.

  3. The Pepper Foundation Who We Help: The Pepper Foundation

    The Pepper Foundation provides care to youngsters who have a life-limiting or life-threatening condition in the Chilterns area of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

  4. Swindon Downs Syndrome Group Who We Help: Swindon Downs Syndrome Group

    Swindon Downs Syndrome Group is a small charity, which supports children and young people living with the condition in the region, by providing information, advice and support.

  5. Music Space Who We Help: Music Space

    We’re delighted to be working with MusicSpace – a charity providing music therapy for children and young people with a wide range of disabilities and additional health needs in Bristol.

  6. Move On Who We Help: Move On

    Move On works to improve the lives of vulnerable young people and those affected by homelessness in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

  7. KIND charity Who We Help: KIND

    While it’s estimated that over 91,000 children in the Liverpool City region are growing up in poverty, KIND have been working tirelessly since 1975 to find new and imaginative ways to help children and their families cope with the impacts of poverty and disadvantage.

  8. HACS Who We Help: HACS

    HACS is a charity based in London, whose aim is to raise awareness and understanding of autism, resulting in a more inclusive local community.

  9. Carers Bromley Who We Help: Carers Bromley

    Carers Bromley has been selected as one of this year’s beneficiaries to receive funding and support through Global’s Make Some Noise.

  10. Community Focus Who We Help: Community Focus

    Community Focus is a small charity founded in 1978, which aims to improve the lives of young people who are disadvantaged due to disability, mental health or special needs, by engaging in creative art.

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