Why Keith Richards Got A "Black Eye" From Chuck Berry...

The Rolling Stones guitarist explained why he deserved to be punched by the "granddaddy" of rock 'n' roll.

Keith Richards and Chuck Berry in 1980

Keith Richards has revealed the moment he was punched and given a "black eye" by the late Chuck Berry.

Speaking about the rock 'n' roll pioneer - who passed away on 18 March 2017 - to Rolling Stone,  he revealed: "Chuck Berry once gave me a black eye, which I later called his greatest hit. 

The Rolling Stones guitarist continued: "We saw him play in New York somewhere, and afterward I was backstage in his dressing room, where his guitar was lying in its case. I wanted to look, out of professional interest, and as I'm just plucking the strings, Chuck walked in and gave me this wallop to the frickin' left eye. 

"But I realized I was in the wrong," mused the Sympathy For The Devil rocker.  If I walked into my dressing room and saw somebody fiddling with my ax, it would be perfectly all right to sock 'em, you know? I just got caught."

Richards - who cites Berry as his hero and friend - went on to describe his character, revealing: "He was a little prickly, but at the same time there was a very warm guy underneath that he wasn't that willing to display."

On his influence, the Brown Sugar guitarist gushed: "Chuck is the granddaddy of us all. Even if you're a rock guitarist who wouldn't name him as your main influence, your main influence is probably still influenced by Chuck Berry. 

"He is rock & roll in its pure essence."

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