Oasis: The making of Definitely Maybe

Oasis - Definitely Maybe

The classic debut album is 20 years old this week. Radio X talks to some of the players in the story, from Alan McGee to Bonehead.

Definitely Maybe is the first of three classic Oasis albums to get the reissue treatment as part of the Chasing The Sun series. The album  - which is released as standard CD and digital download this week - is a three disc compilation of original album tracks (disc 1,) b-sides and extra tracks (disc 2) and unreleased demos, out-takes and live recordings (disc 3).

To talk us through the making of this all-time classic, Radio X has spoken to Alan McGee, the former head of Creation Records and the man who signed Oasis; Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, original rhythm guitarist with Oasis from the band's formation until 1999; and Hamish MacBain, author and former Assistant Editor with the NME.


Alan McGee on signing Oasis to Creation Records

The former boss of Creation tells Radio X about seeing Oasis for the first time at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow in May 1993.


Alan McGee on the making of Definitely Maybe by Oasis

The former President of Creation Records tells Radio X how the making of the debut album from Oasis was a long, hard journey.



Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

[[ This video has been removed ]]

Alan McGee on Rock 'N' Roll Star

Bonehead on Rock 'N' Roll Star

Hamish MacBain on Rock 'N' Roll Star



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Alan McGee on Shakermaker

Bonehead on Shakermaker

Hamish MacBain on Shakermaker



Live Forever

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Bonehead on Live Forever

Hamish MacBain on Live Forever



Up In The Sky

Bonehead on Up In The Sky

Hamish MacBain on Up In The Sky



Bonehead on Columbia

Hamish MacBain on Columbia




[[ This video has been removed ]]


Alan McGee on Supersonic

Bonehead on Supersonic

Hamish MacBain on Supersonic

Bring It On Down

Alan McGee on Bring It On Down

Bonehead on Bring It On Down

Hamish MacBain on Bring It On Down

Cigarettes And Alcohol

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Alan McGee on Cigarettes And Alcohol

Bonehead on Cigarettes And Alcohol

Hamish MacBain on Cigarettes And Alcohol

Digsy’s Dinner

Alan McGee on Digsy's Dinner

Bonehead on on Digsy's Dinner

Hamish MacBain on on Digsy's Dinner

Slide Away

Alan McGee on Slide Away

Bonehead on Slide Away

Hamish MacBain on Slide Away



Married With Children

Alan McGee on Married With Children

Bonehead on Married With Children

Hamish MacBain on Married With Children