Muse: The Edge at Glastonbury Was An “Amazing Moment”

2 July 2010, 17:30

Dom Howard tells Radio X about their triumphant Glasto headline slot.

Muse have been spilling the beans on their headline Glastonbury set last Saturday. Speaking to Radio X at the O2 Silver Clef Awards, drummer Dom Howard admitted that playing 'Where The Streets Have No Name' with U2 guitarist The Edge was a special moment for the band.

"It was amazing to have the Edge turn up and have him agree to play that song. The crowd seemed to love it. It was an amazing moment.

"He even jumped on the drum riser half way through. It totally took me by surprise".

And fret not all ye Wembley goers. Dom's promised the band will be able to top the Glastonbury set at their own shows in September.

"I think it will be better this time. When we did Wembley last time it was the first stadium show we'd ever done. We went into that gig very nervous. We booked it nine months beforehand and spent the time planning it and getting nervous about it. I don't think we've ever had a gig we've built up that much.

"This time, we've already done the Stade De France, the San Siro, so Wembley will be the last one. We've got a few tricks up our sleeve... a few UFOs!".

Muse At The Silver Clef Awards

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