Liam Gallagher Tweets That He Got ID’d Buying Cigarettes

The former Oasis frontman is raging again - this time over a shopkeeper…

Liam Gallagher 2017

Liam Gallagher is fuming after a shopkeeper ID'd him for cigarettes.

The 44-year-old rock star loves to let off steam on Twitter and has rushed to the social media site to rage about a diligent shop assistant who refused to sell the restricted packet of cigarettes unless the singer proved his age.

He growled: “I've just been told I can't buy cigs unless I got ID. I'm 4-FUCKIN-4. Has the world gone mad?”

The star is currently in New York, where he's due to play an in-store show at the Rough Trade shop in the city this afternoon (Sunday 30 July).

One eagle-eyed follower noted that he must have been very angry because he forgot his usual sign-off. They replied: “You had to be really mad because you forgot about "LG x". 

Another quoted the title of Oasis' 1995 hit and quipped: “Just roll with it mate, don't look back in anger”

But all was well later, as Liam tweeted that he was enjoying a morning jog around the city's Central Park.

Did you see this toddler's amazing impression of Liam? It's brilliant!


Toddler does amazing impression of Liam Gallagher

See the tiny tot get the Oasis legend down to a tee.


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