Liam Gallagher Reveals Himself As A Love Island Mega-Fan

The rocker accidentally flashed a photo of an ex-contestant from the show while sharing a throwback picture on Twitter.

Liam Gallagher 2017

Let's face it. Love Island is pretty compulsive viewing this year. So much so that even Liam Gallagher seems to be a big fan.

The Oasis rocker has mentioned watching the show before, but this week revealed himself to be quite a bit more taken with the saucy reality dating show than we first thought. 

It all began when the Wall Of Glass singer took to Twitter to shame someone who was caught smoking on a flight.

Soon after the Supersonic star shared a throwback snap of himself smoking on a plane with the caption "I mean cmon It's not big it's not clever as you were LG x"

A quick click on on his pic sees an image of former Love Island contestant Dom Lever, who was dumped from the house last week. 

Since the top of the screen grab says "My Girl" it's likely the snap comes from a thread he shares with his girlfriend Debbie Gwyther. 

While Liam Gallagher might be a big fan of Love Island, he certainly isn't of U2. 

Replying to a fan who jokingly asked if he was going to watch the Irish band this weekend, the rocker said: "I'd rather eat my own shit than than listen to them bunch of beige fucks as you were".

See his tweets here: 

However, today his brother Noel - who is supporting them on their Joshua Tree tour - seemed to get his own back, adding in a subtle dig of "AS YOU WEREN'T" in his social post.

Their rift hasn't stopped Liam performing his brother's Oasis tracks, with Glastonbury Festival seeing him sing Don't Look Back In Anger for the very first time. 

Watch it here:


Liam Gallagher - Don't Look Back In Anger live at Glastonbury

Gallagher sings the Oasis song for the first time ever. 24 June 2017.


The song has become an anthem for Manchester following the tragic attacks which saw 22 killed and many more injured at an Ariana Grande concert.

Watch our video of the song being performed at a vigil in Manchester's St Ann's Square:


Manchester crowd sings Oasis

Manchester crowd sings Oasis


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