Exclusive: Kasabian Concept Album Revealed

Speaking exclusively to Radio X, Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno has revealed the concept behind their new album which he hopes to be ready for September release.

kasabian at this years Q Awards 2010

The follow-up to 2006's "call to arms" album 'Empire' will be a concept album as well, with guitarist Serge revealing:

"In a way it's a concept album, like a soundtrack to some mad film. It's like a really good road movie, yeah a road movie...that's what I'd say."

As for the style? It seems getting their own recording studio has made a big difference.

"We built our own studio which has freed us up massively," he explained. "We've really been experimenting on this album. The first three tracks we've done are twenty minutes long!

"Music's stuck in a reality at the moment and we're going the other way, back into experimentation without structure which is hypnotic and sends you into a trance.

"It's very psychedelic, real head music that bends you around."

He also described two stand out tracks, telling us: "My two favourite tunes so far are 'Take Aim' and 'Where's All The Love Go'. 'Take Aim' is like a mad Latin folk tune but there's a bit of Dr Dre in there too. So it's got a hip hop flavour with a folk edge - it's pretty wild!"

Although a definite final title for the album - which Serge hopes will be ready by the end of the summer - has yet to be selected from the shortlist, Serge promised that Radio X would be the first to know.

Kasabian's Serge Speaks To Radio X

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